20 February 2008

Another Source of Convergence

The important news of the day involves the "Haman" of the day, may his name be blotted out forever, in all its incarnations!

Ahmadinejad's unbridled attack on Israel causes foreboding. Ashkenazi sees "tough ordeal" possible soon

... increasingly belligerent statements issuing from top Iranian leaders since the death of Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus earlier this month are seen as betokening serious intent.

...Sunday, Gen. Hassan Firouz-Abadi, commander-in-chief of all Iran’s armed forces, said at a ceremony in memory of Imad Mughniyeh: “Many millions across the world will soon receive the joyous news of the Zionist entity’s destruction.”’ He did not explain how Iran intended to perform this objective, but alluded indirectly to nuclear or radioactive measures.

...in Washington and Jerusalem, these unbridled speeches are taken as an orchestrated campaign to raise Middle East temperatures up to the climax of an Iranian attack on Israel.
It is noted that Ahmadinejad’s speech was delivered on the last day of the Islamic month of Haram, during which Muslims are prohibited from embarking on attacks. The month of Safar when it is permitted to strike enemies of Islam begins Thursday, Feb. 21.
[Edit: It has been noted in the comments that Debka is in error here, but there is a good explanation if you read further to rosalie and david's comments. The month of Safar began, like Adar Alef, with the new moon, but it is davka the middle of the month that is specified, not the beginning.]
Earlier in the week, I brought a post about the convergence of Purim Katan, a total eclipse of the moon and the threat of an imminent attack in reprisal for the elimination of the Master Terrorist. Now it turns out that this is the first day Iran can initiate an attack and if that weren't already enough, now the US has chosen this 24-hr period for it's attempted shoot-down of a failing satellite.
[Update: Missile Hits Dying US Spy Satellite]