20 February 2008

Final Message from the Autistics?

I felt it imperative to get the most recent messages from Daniel and Ben Golden on here in translation beforehand. I apologize in advance that it may leave something to be desired. It is correct to the best of my knowledge.

I left out a few things that I felt were not so relevant or things which had been stated many times before because I simply did not have the time to accomplish the entire thing.

Here it is:

Excerpts from communication with Daniel, 12 Feb 2008:

DANIEL: I just want to say that the time is finished. Really, this is a countdown and even if large numbers of Jews and also gentiles are beginning to understand that something supernatural is occurring, even so this doesn't bring the majority to full awareness. What a pity!...

ABBA: It's been mentioned several times before about how there will be a "Great Fear." Can you add to that?
DANIEL: This fear has already begun. People don't know what to fear first---wars, money problems, bank failures. From what to fear first---many strange natural disasters, almost everyday now.

ABBA: They don't know that the banks will fail. They don't have any fear of this.
DANIEL: There are those who are afraid. Because already they are advertising this in the US because of the possibility that this will be.

ABBA: I received a letter from Mahmoud (referring to statements made against Israel by Achmadinejad) and this is his language: "Nothing can help you,..." (etc.) What do you think , Daniel?
DANIEL: That a Jew who really tries hard to do the will of Hashem, who is modest and who really works, who really waits for the complete redemption and cries over the Beit Hamikdash that hasn't risen up for over 2000 years, a Jew like this, that with all of his heart wants to do teshuva, a Jew like this doesn't need to fear from Mahmoud or from Bahmoud. He needs to fear only from HKBH.

But whoever doesn't understand the truth, who isn't so interested in the arrival of redemption. He's more interested in his vacation in Florida or Switzerland, or it doesn't matter where, a Jew like this, he has what to fear from Mahmoud, big time.

ABBA: HaRav B. said that within two months the big balagan will begin.
DANIEL: Yes, possibly. ...Abba., there really isn't much time. In the near future, wars will begin here in the land. And from this will begin all the hard things which stand before us. Abba, it's so important what we do, and doesn't matter what we say to you, or how we confuse your mind. All confusion of the mind is from the Sitra Achra that enters into every corner. Abba, in everything we need to request help from HKBH.

...Ben has a message that I believe will be the last, meantime, until something very big will happen.

Excerpts from communication with Binyamin, 12 Feb 2008:

What is there to say to Am Yisrael that we haven't said. We see clearly that the world stands to collapse. Every day, every day something happens somewhere in the world, something hard, something fearful. Sometimes it's more than one thing a day. And we, Am Yisrael, we here in Eretz Yisrael are in the hardest situation and everyone sees this. The Arabs close in upon us from every direction, from the South, from the North, from the West, and from the East. From wherever you want, they close in upon us. And these aren't the Arabs from the Six Days War who left their shoes behind as they fled....

If it were like the Hanukah story,
The few against the many,
The righteous against the wicked,
The pure against the impure, then we'd have more of a chance.

But the few are also the impure and also the wicked and also unworthy, and this is very, very sad.

I don't want to say that all Jews are unworthy, that's not correct, but in truth, today, few are worthy at this moment, but this situation is able to change in a moment, really in a moment.

(On teshuva)...but with one hand on the eigel hazahav and the other hand on the tzitzit---this is not enough. They need to pick up the eigel hazahav and break him and throw him and turn him into powder. Only then is it possible to begin to do teshuva.

Oy, Am Yisrael....what can I say to you? HKBH will take out by the root everything that is against the Torah, every building that was built by a populace of haters of Israel, every person like this, Jew or goy, all that the Erev Rav builds HKBH is taking out by the root and this will disappear. Every apostate or just regular hater of Israel will disappear from his root and this is not simple, it is very frightening....

The world is in tohu u'vohu (null and void).
Tohu u'vohu of nature.
Tohu u'vohu of politics.
Tohu u'vohu of many wars and cruelties.

And everyone begins to fear.
Only the foolish continue without fear....

I'm only going to tell you the following things and after that I don't see any reason to speak further until something will happen so...everyone will open their eyes all at once.

But still that's not to say that there will be those ready to give up on the American dream, on the rosy dream of what it is to be a successful person in this world. They will fear, they will calculate well how much time they are able to continue and they will prepare how to cross this and to return to what was, but there won't be any returning to what was and only the person that waits for Mashiach and is close to HKBH, who does real teshuva is able to live in the world that will remain after the final war.

Therefore prepare yourselves now for the new world...prepare yourselves because it won't be possible afterwards.

Again I beg you, cry and beg, Am Yisrael, prepare yourselves for the world to come this minute, there's no time!

It's not possible to say to me now like they always say all the time, the autistics always say "a little longer," but nothing happens, because everyone sees that it's really just a little bit longer. Here and there, there are people saying another seven years and such, but I'm saying to you there's not another seven years. We don't know if there's seven months or even seven weeks! Impossible to know, but when it begins, there won't even be time to do teshuva. Again, seven years it won't be. Maybe seven months, maybe seven weeks, maybe less, but when it starts, there won't be time or presence of mind to do full teshuva, partially maybe, but partially is not enough.

Again I beg you, I implore you, Am Yisrael, understand what is happening here. Open your eyes and see the Truth! Immediately fill the synagogues. Cry and put on sackcloth on your body and ashes on your head and cry with many tears.

Beg pardon from HKBH, beg from Him the strength to go against an associate who brings you down a lot, whether it's a hareidi associate or a secular associate, and return to the Truth. To return to the Truth, this is success.

Again I say, the world is at the end, the world that we've known. At the end of the matter, everyone will be alone with himself and with HKBH. Even if there will be at the end a thousand people or 10,000 or 100,000 or a million, everyone will be alone on judgment day.

Am Yisrael, the love of HKBH will return home. There's no time. The end is arriving.

End of communication.

Hashem have mercy on us!!