04 September 2014

Zionism as Religion

10 Elul 5774

An IDF Muslim poster boy. Can you believe it? And what about that strange statement - "Zionism is more than a religion." Where did that come from? IS Zionism a religion? 

More coming on this subject soon, iy"H.

Meanwhile, the new world religion of the globalists is getting a push forward...

Israel's Peres pitches "UN of Religions" to pope

Retired Israeli President Shimon Peres has proposed a new global peace initiative to Pope Francis: A "United Nations of Religions," given that most wars today have religious, not nationalistic, undercurrents.

The Vatican said Peres pitched the initiative during a 45-minute audience Thursday in the Apostolic Palace. The two men last met when Francis invited the then-Israeli president and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to pray for peace together in the Vatican gardens on June 8.