26 January 2015

About Binyamin's Latest Message...

6 Shevat 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 23 Tevet 5775
After the events in France

The Global Show

In recent days, we saw another face of cruelty, murder and blood. We saw a complete show. And I'm saying 'show' because it's clear that it was planned by Edom. And with not-the-best actors, and they added to it some unbalanced Muslims, and they really made a wretched film, maybe 'D' level... It may be that the majority of the people in the world believe in it, but there are enough wise ones who see that it's a lie from beginning to end. Indeed, it's true, they murdered people, much blood flowed, but these actors, and this play were really unbelievable. Whose play was it?... the terrorists, or whoever they really are?... or those who were killed?... the enormous tragedy. But, all forty heads-of-state of the world - were really the worst actors.

We're in a war between Edom and Yishmael, and that's clear. And they're both at war with the Jews....

I have to stop the translation of this latest message at this point. I feel the need to elaborate further on this. I know this sounds crazy and too 'conspiratorial' to the average person, but it really is a fact and there are videos on Youtube which get into it in depth. Some unfortunately claim no one was killed, but those who planned and carried out the attacks for sure wanted people to die and for blood to flow - just like the almost 3000 who died in the attack on the Twin Towers.

Look at how they manipulated the entire 'civilized' world. How many millions using social media used the "Je suis Charlie" icon? And how many rushed to get a copy of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper? What's worse - how many of them were Israelis wearing kippot??? Think about it. How did they manage to bring world leaders to Paris in the space of hours along with a million demonstrators with copy-cat gatherings held around the world - including Jerusalem! 

They seem to have three goals here: 1) to justify killing ever more Yishmaelim, 2) to drive Jews to Israel where it will be easier to annihilate us all together, and 3) to further enslave the masses and consolidate their global power.

I hope none of my readers participated or contributed to this MASS MIND MANIPULATION. There's more, but I'm out of time for now. Please view the following video and leave your comments...

PS: Also, be thinking about the new rapprochement between the US and Cuba with the stated goal of bringing better internet access, keeping in mind that this is what Alan Gross was doing when he was arrested.