14 January 2015

"Je suis Miriam"

23 Tevet 5775

It isn't often that I receive a comment that's worth a blog post of its own, but I received such a comment today...

Guest post by Commenter Dassie:
What I'm getting out of world reaction to recent events in France is that people who are killed while immersing themselves in sophmoric latzanut and bizarre smut (Charlie Hebdo) are exemplary martyrs. Their supposed courage in the face of Islamic threats is no different to me than that of any other addict to ego or perverse behavior who experiences negative consequences and keeps on going. Many do.
Perhaps we should laud the courage and heroism of smokers who keep on smoking under the threat of disease? I mean, some smokers live long, healthy lives and some die painful deaths. It's a risk each smoker must take. Yet many people wimp out and decide not to smoke at all. Perhaps we should march out by the millions in the name of heavy smokers who were attacked by cancer? "Je suis Marlboro Man!"
Of course, journalists (and many bloggers, Facebookers, Tweeters) have taken this massacre personally. Journalists especially are fanning this big-time because they identify with Charlie Hebdo (as opposed to challah-buyers, children, or Jews in general). It's all ego.
Je suis Charlie: "I want the right to post whatever nonsense or smut I want without getting killed."
However, what about Ilan Halimi being horrifically tortured to death for weeks within the hearing of Muslim-French neighbors who refused to help him in any way? Sad, but c'est la vie.
Or Jewish school children of pure souls massacred in Toulouse? Also sad, but c'est la vie.
Odd how everyone gets worked up over Charlie's revolting sketches, but was it just we whose hearts broke over the photo of murdered Miriam Monsonego standing on stone steps in her little flowered skirt, looking like a little angel plucked from Shamayim?
And the list goes on, as we all know.
Esav is showing exactly where his values lie -- with Charlie Hebdo and not with Miriam Monsonego.
I welcome my French brothers and sisters (and also Israel and his wife) with an open heart.

Je suis Miriam.

I couldn't have said it better myself. My sentiments exactly, Dassie. Kol Hakavod!

It has been very disheartening to see Jews running after the goyim all week. Rabbi Kahane had a word for them. He called them Hebrew lemmings. That's what this spectacle reminded me of.
The great danger and most powerful weapon of the Hebrew-speaking gentiles and lemmings of Israel, is their ability to so instill guilt and doubt in us, that we close our mouths and minds and fear to say what we know is to be true.
The small circle of leftists and guilt-ridden liberals, intellectuals and frustrated artistic type, possesses a weapon of overwhelming power, and it is this that enables them to march toward victory. Their control of the news media affords them the opportunity, daily, to influence, indoctrinate, pervert, corrupt, an entire generation that is their captive audience. They decree the gentilized foreign culture that becomes the passion of the masses. They decree the ideas and perverted gentilized values that are heard and propagated over the waves. An entire generation of youth is in their hands. And they are aided by the frustrated spiritually sick, lost artists who join them.... They din their message of perversion into our ears every day, every hour, every minute. (Source)