02 August 2015

The Bolsheviks in Israel

17 Menachem Av 5775

Oh, they wave the flag of democracy and they pay lip service to it as it suits them, but they are far from any real dedication to its principles.

JPost: Defense Minister Ya'alon: Administrative detention for Duma arsonists

On Sunday morning Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon instructed security forces to use administrative detention (arrest without trial) to hold the suspected arsonists who set fire to a house in Duma last week resulting in the death of a Palestinian toddler and the severe injury of 3 other members of the family according to Israel Radio.

As far as I can tell they have yet to arrest anyone. So, this must be code to the troops out there beating the bushes to bring in just any Jews so the 'security' apparatus can look like they've actually accomplished something. The announcement of an arrest - any arrest - will quiet the streets and calm Ban Ki Moon.