03 May 2017

HaYovel Ministries - Sowing the Seeds for the Harvest to Come

8 Iyyar 5777
Day 23 of the Omer

This is a follow-up to Waller Shocker.

Tommy Waller, resident Christian missionary in Har Brachah, Israel admits in a recent interview that the goal of his HaYovel Ministries is to breach and break down the barriers between Jews and Christians in the hope that Jews will, as a result, become more accepting of Christian dogma and more favorably disposed toward their man-god.

Nothing has changed since this early interview...

HaYovel - Introducing JC to the Jews

Despite claims by many Jews who cooperate with and enable this "ministry" that he and his family and followers no longer adhere to traditional Christian theology, this is patently untrue, as Tommy Waller's remarks indicate.

They still hold by the New Testament. They are still expecting JC's imminent return to rule from Jerusalem and they still view Jews and Judaism as deficient as long as they are missing these essential Christian elements of belief.

Here are some more excerpts from the video-interviews which have now been removed from public view.
"For me, in my relationship with the Jewish people, it changes the dynamics of how people see our messiah."
"We have to stand in this place to be a testimony of who Yeshua is, the reality of who he is,...."
[A woman describes a hayovel video she saw online before she met Tommy Waller. Her reaction to the Jews' reaction in the video is telling of how the Christians are viewing this. She says...]
"They’re dancing and they’re singing and they’re worshiping, ...all the Christians [Hayovel volunteers] are. They’re out there. It’s unbelievable. It’s like a movie but it’s real. And I would watch the owner of the vineyard and he was like [in] tears, he was like beside himself, you know, and they’re [the Jews] seeing the joy of believers and the worship of believers and they’re seeing them dig in the dirt and pick their grapes for free all day and cause them to prosper, majorly prosper, majorly prosper.
“Yeshua said you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria…Dean Bye says, 'Tommy, you guys are working ¾ of the mandate' - Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria."
"There is a big trip that is happening in the Jubilee, 50 year Jerusalem Day. We have a two week tour. This is the first time we’ve done it. We’re doing a two week tour. ...you're not gonna run where Jesus walked. You’re gonna meet the people that Jesus is related to. You're gonna sit in peoples homes. You’re gonna get to know, our organization is about relationships. People that come with us meet people that are walking in relational things. Everything is about relationships. What we do. So when you come, you’re gonna meet the religious community, you’re gonna sit with them, you’re gonna hear them speak, you’re gonna dialogue with them, you’re gonna sit in their homes. You’re gonna be in their vineyards and we’re gonna sing with them and dance with them. We had a wedding, my son got married. Joshua got married this summer. We had Jews, religious Zionist Jews in the vineyards. We had the wedding in the vineyard and it was an amazing thing. The most beautiful thing to dance with my brothers in the vineyard arm and arm. And they were grabbing us. By the way you don’t go to a wedding with a Jew and not dance."
Everything that they do here, they do to win Jews over to JC's side.

The many Jews - especially so-called religious and Orthodox - who have been attracted to them; have begun to socialize with them; and who defend them against fellow Jews, have led the founders and followers of HaYovel to imagine that they are reaping the harvest of Jewish souls in Eretz Yisrael

A Jew does not have to "invite JC into his heart and walk the aisle of a church" to be considered "converted" by today's Christians. It is enough - for now - that they open their hearts and minds and homes to JC's followers and appear amenable to accepting their view of JC as a "good Orthodox rabbi".

There is a concept in the New Testament that to accept JC's followers is also to accept him.

What a horrible, tragic desecration of God's Great Name which we bear!