06 June 2017

Inside the Spider's Web

13 Sivan 5777

Time, space and attention spans are limited, so it is not possible to detail for you the true scope of this Christian incursion or to enumerate all the Jews (Erev Rav) who have opened the doors to it. Lest I leave you with the false impression that the problem is confined to just the Har Brachah and Ma'ale Amos areas, allow me to quote to you from a report written by Don Finto in 2004...
...Before Asher left town... some of The Caleb Company board met with him to hear more about his training center, evangelistic outreach, congregation planting vision for the Jerusalem corridor and how God might want to unite our hearts behind this vision until we see more of Israel come to the Lord. Eitan Shishkoff was also in town for a few days the following week, and we were able to connect with him and hear more about the vision the Lord is giving him for the north.
A few days later we spent the evening with Richard (Ayal) Frieden who heads the youth ministry “Heart Rock” in Jerusalem, as well as works with the Messianic youth all over Israel, with whom we are also united in heart.
How far has it spread in the last 13 years and how much damage has been done while good Jews are completely oblivious?

And lest you think this problem is confined to Eretz Yisrael, you've got Jews calling on their fellows to ally themselves with the "Israel-loving" Christian Right in America. From the same source...
...Also during this month we have had two significant meetings with the larger Jewish community. One was sparked through Laurie [Cardoza] Moore’s connection with the Israel Consul General in Atlanta and with the head of the Jewish Federation here in Nashville. Laurie is the one who steered the Israel resolution through both of our Tennessee legislative houses. The Lord graced me with the heart and appropriate words to speak to the gathered Jewish people and Christian leaders about the horrors of the Church’s past relationship with Jewish people and our commitment to love and walk with them, knowing that we differ regarding Jesus being the Messiah of both Jews and Gentiles. A similar opportunity was afforded me with leaders from the Israeli Embassy in Canada while on a long week-end of speaking near Ottawa.
This week I will fly to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to spend time with Coach McCartney and Raleigh Washington about their new “Road to Jerusalem” endeavor. Their vision seems to connect with the vision in the house of “Caleb.” They desire to see the Messianic Jewish believers united with the evangelical believing Gentiles to form the “one new man” that Paul foresaw. Later in the month, Coach and I will join Curt Landry in Grove, Oklahoma, to have a One New Man Conference.
And yes, there is a Waller/HaYovel/Gimpel connection here as well. It's really like a spider's web, all the people and organizations are interconnected with each other. And like a spider's web, it is stretched out as a trap to ensnare unsuspecting victims.

I have been working to expose this since 2004 around the time that it started. I even sent the following to the RCA in America in 2013! (Love that non-threatening term "non-Jews" as opposed to what they really are - Messianic "Jews/Israelites" as well as idolaters/ missionaries...
Non-Jews Working the Land (Excerpts) by Larry Gordon for The Five Towns Jewish Times, 4 July 2013
...I was introduced to the group a year ago by political consultant Jeff Ballabon at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, DC. Accepting Christian sources of funding has divided Israelis for many years. Some are ardently against it while others see it as being helpful, building bridges and helping the overall world image of the state of Israel. At last year’s conference, there were over 1,500 mostly fundamentalist Christians and about 40 of us Orthodox Jews. The HaYovel team that was present joined us for our Shabbos meals so as to introduce us to what they were doing.
...As to why he is here in New York and making some of the rounds in Jewish communities, Waller explains that his group wants the endorsement of the organized Jewish community and wants to be viewed as credible, making an important contribution to Israel, in the view of Jewish community leaders.
Ballabon, who has worked on some high profile national political campaigns and resides in West Hempstead, is very high on HaYovel and believes that they should be receiving support from the American Jewish community.
Hopefully, you have learned enough here on this blog to refute the lies contained in this article which too many gulllible Jews seem willing to swallow whole.

If you ask me what is the greatest danger radical Islam poses to the Jewish people worldwide, I'd have to say driving them into the arms of the Christians as most Jews appear to believe it is an either/or proposition. And it doesn't help that the media is bombarding the public with this message: "Either you are for us or you are for the terrorists." -Pres. George W. Bush. And, who knows, maybe this was part of the plan all along. How many Jews have already accepted the erroneous idea that we must side with the Christians against the Arabs?

"Israel is a nation that dwells alone". Alone with her God. 

How twisted can you get? 

If you accept that every time the Jewish people tried to assimilate among the nations, HKB"H sent a wave of antisemitism to drive us apart, what kind of reaction do you suppose we can we expect from the current situation?


  1. ENOUGH ENOUGH! Devorah, I just hung up the phone from Hamodia. I directed then to your website and stayed on the phone until I heard the person was on the site. I told her these so called rabbis EREV RAV! should be placed in cherim and that HaShem is waiting to see what TRUE ORTHODOX - G-D FEARING JEWS will do about this plague attacking us at this very moment. I told the person THAT WE CAN NOT STICK our head in the ground or we will be held accountable. The saintly rabbonim here in Boro Park and the rest of the religious Jews here in Boro Park are CLUELESS! (Which is good in a way because they do NOT have computers in their homes - THE MAJORITY - so they are not influenced) However, the rabbis here in Boro Park, Lakewood, Monsey, etc.. need to be aware of this AND TAKE ACTION NOW! Hopefully, we will see quickly that Hamodia will have your series on the Waller Family and these Erev Rav in their next Shabbos edition!! Please HaShem let it be. We need to bombard HaShem with our tears of WOE is us!

  2. I keep hearing Ari Abramowitz (standing there in that messianic church next to Pastor Mark Biltz) saying he had just been with Jews in Boro Park and just couldn't relate to them. Saying, in contrat, that he could sit with Biltz and talk for hours. I was wondering what he was up to in Boro Park.

  3. Having once come from the other side of this as an xtian, now in the process of converting, I'm wondering if I can your email so I can know who else some of these people are as I've come in contact with a few of the people you are mentioning in the past few years. Can you share your email?

  4. One must wonder if these so called rabbis ever learned Chumash with Rashi, etc. They are definately taking the pasukim out of context. It also makes me wonder if the Rambam, Ramban or any of the meforshim were here today would they agree with these so called rabbis.

  5. Read "A Solution for Jew Hatred":

    1. Excellent

  6. Goldie, excellent comment and hatzlach and a yasher koach for contacting the religious press. We have to understand that the real rabbis will not fall prey to these mashmidim. If rabbis fall prey, they are part of them.

    Yitzchok: You can be 100% sure that the Rambam, Ramban, etc. would never ever even considered for a split second any of their propaganda. nili

  7. Found this on youtube, you should listen to it the Rabbi is good.. Everybody should spread this video..
    The Silent War Of The End Of Times Has Begun

  8. who is this 'chacham' in the above video. His words were unbelievably irrational. The Torah says "we are a nation that dwells alone". Guess he thinks he knows better.