29 August 2017

A Few Things You Need to Know

7 Elul 5777

Update on Houston Jewish Community: With Stores Flooded, Kosher Food Has Run Out in Houston

Here is something we've been warning was coming for years and here it is...
Israeli panel recommends new status for non-Jews with Jewish ties, says report
An Israeli government panel has recommended the creation of a new status for people with Jewish roots or links but who do not qualify for immigration, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on Sunday.The newly defined category would permit such people to remain in the country longer than the three months permitted under a tourist visa.
People qualifying for the new status would include tens of thousands of Poles with Jewish roots, many of whom are descendants of Jews who hid their identity during the Holocaust; descendants of Jews who forcibly converted during the Inquisitions; members of communities who claim to be descendants of the "lost tribes"; and so-called "Judaizing communities", meaning communities that have recently begun adopting Jewish practices – believed to number in the millions.
This will benefit Messianics and Epraimites like HaYovel. The goal is to simply flood
Israel with non-Jews and reduce Jews to a minority in the so-called "Jewish State." Next thing you know we'll have a non-Jewish prime minister.


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