20 August 2017

To The 33rd Level And No Further?

28 Menachem Av 5777

Someone has been doing some figuring and has come up with the following interesting results regarding "The Great American Eclipse" to occur tomorrow across the United States:
...It begins in the 33rd state, ends at the 33rd parallel, and occurs on the 233rd day of the year, which is 33 weeks and 2 days into 2017. The eclipse will take 1 hour and 33 minutes to cross the country and occurs 133 days (inclusive) before the end of 2017.
All those 33s brought to mind Reb Dov Bar-Lieb's blog post in which he asserted that Eisav/Edom does not rise above the 33rd level of purity.
...The end for America is that it is dedicated to building Olam HaZeh, and will do whatever it can to prevent Mankind in general and Israel in particular from breaking through the 33rd level of purity. For above the 33rd level, the purpose for serving G-d is for its own sake.
Add to that the claim that Eisav/Edom's god Yeshu was cut off in his 33rd year. 

The fact that all these 33s are there and someone has noticed it and brought it to our attention says that it means something, but precisely what I can't definitively say. However, if I had to guess, I'd guess it means the US has reached some kind of limit where HKB"H is concerned.

And while the White House and the country itself are becoming ever more chaotic, they are relentlessly pursuing Israel - no doubt to their own detriment.

Arab foreign ministers proclaim: No peace without two-state solution
In preparation for the arrival of an American delegation to the Middle East, the foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority present a unified position: 'There is no peace without the establishment of a Palestinian state within the '67 borders.'
The foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority met on Saturday evening in Cairo to coordinate positions ahead of the expected arrival of an American delegation to the Middle East as part of the Trump administration's efforts to try to renew peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Trump to Send Delegation to Israel, Palestinian Authority and Arab States in New Peace Push
The delegation, headed by Jared Kushner, is expected to arrive in Israel in the last week of August.
For a nation which knows no limits and which accepts no limits, finding itself in a situation where limits are imposed upon it will be extremely difficult.