24 February 2017

"Mercy in Judgement"

28 Shevat 5777
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Mishpatim/Sheqalim/Mevorchim
Shabbat shalom! Chodesh tov!

Rabbi Mordechai Sitorsky

Parashat Mishpatim: Mercy in Judgement - Li'Iliuy Nishmas Michla Bas Eliyahu

23 February 2017

Christianity and Pedophilia - More Prevalent Than You Thought

27 Shevat 5777

Most people are surely aware of the scandal of pedophilia in the Catholic church. Priests who are required to remain celibate throughout their lives in order to attain some high level of spiritual purity instead sink to the lowest form of debasement as they prey upon innocent and defenseless children. But, this is just an outward sign of a deeper evil.

Christianity, especially the Evangelicals, those whom many so-called "Orthodox" Jews have embraced unconditionally (meaning they don't require them to give up their false and idolatrous beliefs) because of their vocal attestations of "love and support" for the Jewish people, is guilty of spiritual pedophilia. 

In a well-meant, but misguided attempt to adhere to the injunction of King Solomon to "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6), they seek out and prey upon children particularly. With typical Christian subterfuge, they also see it as a way to ensnare the parents, too. And so it is!

This is how my heart and mind were captured, enslaved and made to serve a false god from the age of nine.

Every summer, the church would sponsor a two-week program for children called Vacation Bible School. They would typically have a parade to draw the kids in and invite all the children in the surrounding community with the offer of 3-4 hours a day of free babysitting for parents and the promise of fun and refreshments for children. Along with it came heavy doses of Christian indoctrination. At the end of two weeks, a special "graduation" ceremony was held for the parents to attend, at the end of which a special "invitation" was given to "accept J****". By that time, some kids were ready to do whatever it took to avoid the fires of hell awaiting them. Oftentimes, the parents would follow their children into joining the church.

Someone got the idea to do this on a more regular (weekly) basis with a "bus ministry". Some printed up flyers and left them at homes in the church's surrounding area, while others knocked on doors personally, offering to pick the kids up with a school bus every Sunday morning for Sunday School letting the parents sleep in. Here, too, it wasn't long before the kids wanted to join the church and the parents often followed. 

By targeting children, they were preying on those least able to understand their duplicity and least able to resist the brainwashing. Once a child grows up in this environment, he just continues to trust that the adults in his life have steered him a straight course and few there are who ever doubt the righteousness of their path or ever grow up enough to question what they've been taught.

Maybe the worst thing is what happens between such a captured child and any parent who does not come on board with him. For me, it was my father, who never set foot inside any church his entire life to my knowledge. I know he believed in God, but unfortunately, I don't know anything else. The Xian "savior" was a barrier between us. I was convinced that he was a lost cause and I lived in fear that he would die and spend eternity in torment unless I could think of some way to bring him into the fold. That never happened, thank God, but it meant we never spoke of it as a result. 

What else can you rightfully call this, but spiritual pedophilia!? They rape your mind! That's how I view these people, even though I once served them and their agenda and even though they seem otherwise loving, giving, kind, and sympathetic. That's how pernicious it is. 

And that's why it shocks and hurts me to the depths of my soul to find them being welcomed into the inner sanctum of Judaism where I sought and found refuge in the truth and purity of the Torah HaKadosh.

Imagine you are a child who escaped a child molestor who held you in chains for years. You went to the ends of the earth so as never again to be reminded of the torture and the loss, only to find that he has not only followed you, but he has been invited into the new home where you had found sanctuary. Your adoptive family is befriending and celebrating him while you must watch from the sidelines and wonder who he will target next and how and what you can possibly do about it. 

Welcome to my life.

21 February 2017

Jewish Government - Part 2

26 Shevat 5777

Part 1

After the first Trump/Netanyahu meeting last week in the United States, a press release containing their remarks was issued. One statement stands out: "In today’s meeting, President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed that there will be no daylight between the United States and Israel,....” 

This is in extreme opposition to the Creator's will as expressed in our Holy Torah. Therefore, this being, as it were, attached at the hip bodes grave ill for Israel.

And speaking of "extreme". If the Torah seems "extreme" to you, that says more about how far you have drifted away from the truth than it does about the Torah's "extremism", God forbid, as if the Creator Himself Who gave the Torah could possibly be considered "extreme". He is the One Who defines it, not us. And if you reject this Torah truth in favor of your own ideas and feelings, then you are a rebel against the rule of the King of kings. Think about that. We, as the creatures must conform to the Creator, not the other way around. We are not the masters of our own fate. HKB"H is Supreme!


Chapter Twenty-two
The Jewish Government

...The non-Jewish state in our day, as we know it, and as perceived by the alien culture which venerates it, came into being through the gradual development of families, clans, and tribes into distinct nations. These, seeking security and survival, recognized some authority and settled on territory of their own. Thus,  both the nation and the state came to be controlled by an authority elected by the people. There was nothing miraculous or unique about this development. The state did not come into being at a specific moment or via the intervention of some supernatural power. It was created by consent of the people, who for practical, utilitarian reasons recognized the need for an authority which would maintain internal order and defend against external enemies. Such a government derived its authority and its right to decree without protest both from the practical need for order and from the power invested in it by the people to act and to speak on their behalf.

This idea - that the people are the ones who gave the government the right to speak on their behalf, and that in actuality the government is the people - is what backs up the argument that the individual must not violate the government's decisions. In this secular, mundane conception of government, the people are the ultimate authority. They are the legislators, whether by direct decision, or by the election of representatives who speak and legislate on their behalf. Hence, government becomes the ultimate authority, and on this is based the non-Jewish government's demand for absolute obedience by the individual.

Yet, none of this is relevant to the Jewish People, whose inception did not involve gradual, mundane development and whose ultimate authority does not derive from the people, itself, but from an external source. There was a moment defined in time in which the Jewish People became a nation, and it was a very special moment.
Now, if you obey Me and keep My covenant, you shall be My special treasure among the nations, even though all the world is Mine. You will be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation to Me.... All the people answered as one and said, "All that the L-rd has spoken, we will do" (Ex. 19:5-6, 8).
This special, supernatural, planned moment, in which the nation was born, was underscored once more when the day of Moses's death drew near:
Today you are all standing before the L-rd your G-d - your leaders, your tribal chiefs, your elders, your law enforcers, every Israelite man, your children, your women, and the proselytes in your camp - even your woodcutters and water drawers. You are, thus, being brought into the covenant of the L-rd your G-d, and accepting the dread path that He is making with you today. He is establishing you as His nation, so that He will be a G-d to you." (Deut. 29:9-13)
At a precise moment, the Jewish nation was created. This moment was special, supernatural and planned. Israel's creation stemmed from an outside source, such that its supreme authority and the right to make decisions about its fate and future, likewise, did not derive from the people's will, as with other nations, but from the external force which created it - G-d.

Israel's creation resulted from a covenant with G-d. This covenant created a unique, exclusive nation, committed to obeying the laws and statutes of G-d and to accepting one supreme authority.

This supreme authority is absolute and not open to restrictions or objections. It is the Kingdom of Heaven, and we are commanded to accept its yoke upon ourselves. As the Mishnah teaches (Berachot 13a): "R. Yehoshua ben Korcha said, 'Why is the paragraph of "Shema" read before the paragraph "And it shall come to pass, if you hearken...."? It is so that one will first accept upon himself the yoke of Heaven and then the yoke of mitzvot.'"

The Torah is our supreme authority, and its laws bind and control us. In order that we should recognize its overriding domination over us, we daily swear loyalty to it: "Hear, O Israel, the L-rd is our G-d, the L-rd is One" (Deut. 6:4). Through this, we daily accept upon ourselves the yoke of Heaven, the laws of the Torah. This is the ultimate authority over Israel--(Source)

To be continued, iy"H...

Binyamin Golden: "Murdering Our Children"

25 Shevat 5777

FC Message from Binyamin Golden
12 Shevat 5777, Parashat Beshallach

"Murdering Our Children"  (English Audio)
  רצח הילדים שלנו   (Hebrew Text)

20 February 2017

Breaching the Boundaries

25 Shevat 5777

Ynetnews published an article yesterday entitled Ivanka is not alone: Everyone wants to be Jewish. The author wonders why suddenly it seems like everyone wants to be Jewish. Despite the New Testament's teaching that Jews will be provoked to jealousy by the Christians, it would seem that it is the non-Jews who are jealous for what we have inherited as the Jewish People. 

It is important to recall that this is not new. No sooner had Ya'aqov and his family arrived in Shechem than the locals began plotting how to benefit from a connection to them. They were so enthralled by the expectation of what they stood to gain materially, they were even willing to submit to circumcision, although they had no interest in being in a covenantal relationship with HKB"H. They had no concept of or desire for kedushah

Even today, very, very few do. Instead, what they really want is what the residents of Shechem wanted.  They are willing to move a little bit towards us (a purely outward show with kippah, tzitzit and tallit, maybe a shofar) if we will move a little bit towards them (give up our exclusivity and abandon Hashem's mitzvot which obligate us to remain separate and apart) and meet them somewhere in the middle. 

God forbid!!
...All of Israel are bound together in one unit by faith and nationality, thereby differing, even in their approach to faith, from other nations and other faiths, all of which are false. In order to establish this definition and to secure it from the influence of the nations and of their illegitimate faiths and beliefs, G-d commanded this holy people that they must also have a holy land, unique to them, where all of Israel would gather together to live Torah lives and where they would speak Hebrew wihch would unify all of them (and I have elaborated on Eretz Yisrael previously).
The values of the alien culture are abominable nonsense, a distortion which has infiltrated large sectors of G-d's people, who speak of the "equality" of all men and all nations. This equality, the cause celebre of the nations, has no foothold in that bastion of truth, the Torah, with its attributes and values, and of this it says, "Who has required this at your hand, to trample My courts?" (Isaiah 1:12). G-d established for Himself a special, treasured nation, holy and lofty - the Jewish People - who dwell alone. Woe to the eyes and ears that see and hear large portions of G-d's people who have gotten so confused and assimilated that many of them scorn their crown and loathe their land and their selection as a holy, lofty people, children of G-d - indeed, they attack the whole idea! Woe to this people, "ungrateful and unwise!" (Source)
What you see above is just one small tip of the iceberg. Here is the perfect example of what Rabbi Kahane, may his blood be avenged, was describing - "Woe to this people, 'ungrateful and unwise!'"

Excerpted from Lars Enarson's "The Prophetic Restoration of Israel":
...That is the new covenant that we have come into through faith in J**** C*****. We have been incorporated into the people of God, into the family of God.
...The mystery of C***** is that Gentiles are heirs together with Israel. We have one destiny with the Jewish people!
... I’m talking now about the prophetic that is going to be raised up in the last days to join Jew and Gentile together,.... 
...We are members together of God’s family. This is clearly speaking about the uniting of the fathers, meaning the nation of Israel, the people of Israel that gave birth to the church, and the children, which is the new covenant people that was born out from the nation of Israel. Elijah is going to come and he is going to restore and heal that bridge – that gap – that is between Israel and the church. The church is going to be built up on this foundation that we have been joined with Israel, to inherit the promises given to them...!
...We are going to see a reuniting, where Paul said that salvation has come to the Gentiles in order to provoke Israel to jealousy. In other words: there is going to be a work done in the church, in the nations, that will be so powerful, that eventually the nation of Israel is going to be jealous over us. ...Their hearts are going to begin to turn towards us, because of the mighty works of grace that God is going to do, in the church, in the last days.
...So Elijah repaired, he restored that altar where the whole family of God came together! And it was on that restored altar of a unity between Jew and Gentile that the fire could fall from heaven that provoked the people to jealousy. To have their eyes opened, to see...[Yeshu]... Before the church can heal that relationship with the Jewish people, they will never recognize who their messiah is. And then there is no hope for the world.
...The church is going to be restored, ...it is going to be restored back to its fellowship, its unity with the Jewish people just like when it began in the temple.
God forbid! And this is what is being taught to the followers and volunteers of Tommy Waller and his HaYovel Ministries by Lars Enarson and his cohorts. This is what all those Christian "Lovers of Israel" believe.

From the personal email report of a frequent HaYovel volunteer:

"...Speaking of the Har Bracha community - This year I saw a new depth of love and acceptance with the Israeli's we spent time with...and I marveled at it. More and more, hearts are changing and opening to us
...This year I heard several times, '...And so, my brothers, my sisters, my friends..." with all sincerity. We were told, "We consider you our family."
There were several times that different speakers or friends would tell us that the new Temple that will be built will be a "house of prayer for all nations." (Isaiah 56:7) They want to make sure we know that we are invited and included. (You'll remember that this is the verse [Yeshu] quoted when He cleansed the Temple from the money changers and from those buying and selling. The fulfillment of that prophecy is something that He wants as well.)
Hashem yerachem al Klal Yisrael!

19 February 2017

What Constitutes Jewish Government

23 Shevat 5777
"My people were silenced for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being a priest to me; seeing that you have forgotten the Torah of your God, I, too, will forget your children." (Hoshea 4.6)
Please refer to my previous post if you have not already seen it. Distorters of Torah wearing kippot are worse than the bare-headed Deniers of the Torah because they pretend to be acting l'shem shamayim while all the time undermining the foundation of Judaism and serving themselves. 

Much better the obvious wolf than the wolf in sheep's clothing whose threat goes unnoticed by the sheep!

The wolves in sheep's clothing can only succeed where the sheep remain ignorant of the danger. Only Torah education can save them! Therefore, this post will mark the beginning of a series on Jewish Government according to the Torah. 

Because we are so very close to Mashiach's rule, Jews must become knowledgeable in what constitutes a Jewish government in order to be prepared to accept that rule, else they won't be allowed by HKB"H to remain to be a part of it. 
"And destruction shall come over rebels and sinners together, and those who forsake the Lord shall perish." (Yeshayahu 1.28)
Chapter Twenty-two
The Jewish Government

Since G-d decreed isolation for Israel and established a place for them to dwell alone in order to build their Divine, holy society, He also decreed that there should be a governmental authority in the Land, whose mission would be to fight G-d's battles against Israel's enemies and establish order. These two missions serve to advance the Torah's status in the Land: Israel must have rest from their enemies to establish the kingdom of G-d and Torah, and there must be law and order in the Land so that the nation obeys G-d's mitzvot in the Torah state that is established. Rambam taught (Hilchot Melachim 1:1):
Three mitzvot were commanded to Israel on their entering the Land: to appoint a king, as it says "You must appoint a king" (Deut. 17:15); to annihilate Amalek's descendants... and to build the Temple. [Devash: "In that order!"]
He also taught (Ibid., 4:10):
In everything, [the king's] deeds should be for the sake of Heaven, and his purpose and intent should be to raise up the true religion, to fill the world with justice, to crush the evildoers, and to fight G-d's battles, for our purpose in crowning a king is only for him to execute justice and wage war: "That our king may judge us, and go out before us and fight our battles" (I Sam. 8:20).
The Jewish government, the king and the police apparatus were mainly intended to run the Jewish State as a theocracy in accordance with G-d's mitzvot. [Devash: "And so it was for the thousand years that the Mishkan and the Holy Temple stood!] Regarding the verse, "Appoint yourselves judges and police" (Deut. 16:18), R. Eliezer ben Shamua says (Sifri, Shoftim, 144), "If there are police, there are judges. If there are no police, there are no judges." The intent is clear: If there are police to enforce the judges' Torah rulings, then the judges' word will endure. Otherwise, it is as though there are no judges. Their rulings are then nothing but a farce. In essence, G-d commanded that there be governmental coercion so as to ensure that the people follow G-d's path. G-d scornfully cast off of Himself and of us the alien non-Jewish opposition to "religious coercion," opposition which is nothing but rebellion against G-d and His decrees.

Sefer HaChinuch wrote (Mitzvah 491):
To appoint judges and policemen who will coerce mitzvah observance and restore to it by force those who have strayed from the truth. They will command regarding what is appropriate to do and will prevent unsavory acts from occurring, and they will uphold punishments against violators until people cease to relate to the mitzvot and prohibitions according to how they personally interpret them.
This concept stands in absolute opposition to the alien culture and to the licentiousness and abominations at its core, yet Sefer HaChinuch goes on:
The rationale behind this mitzvah is obvious, that through it we can establish our religion, with the fear of our leaders and judges upon the masses. By being accustomed to goodness and uprightness through fear, it will become second nature for them to act justly and righteously out of love, [Devash: Just the opposite of what some are telling us today.] through their recognizing the path of truth. As the wise say, human nature is a function of habit. Just as nature forces a person to do what he must, so, too, does constant habituation render traits second nature and compel him to adopt a practice forever. Then, when the people take the path of integrity and belief and choose goodness, goodness clings to them and G-d is happy with His works.
In other words, through coercion a person becomes accustomed to leading his life according to Torah law. Seeing how pleasant and beautiful and holy it is, he learns to keep the Torah even without coercion. Yet, even if the Jewish People do not achieve this understanding, G-d will not let them sit securely while they rebel against Him and violate His mitzvot. It is, therefore, a mitzvah for us to force G-d's ways upon man, because when we are able to do this and do not, we, too, are held responsible for the sins of the wicked.

Clearly, the government's whole worth is solely as a means toward the proper running of G-d's state. It is inconceivable that there could be any valid authority to a government that does not conduct itself this way. The monarchy, or whatever government there may be, was intended only to fulfill the Divine mission assigned to it by Divine decree. Thus, all the rights and authority of Jewish governments stem solely from the Torah. A Jewish government must not resemble any regime of the nations, because the government, state and people, themselves were created only to obey G-d.

To be continued, iy"H...

18 February 2017

Our Greatest Enemy

23 Shevat 5777
Shavua tov!

"The erev rav is that part of the Jewish People intent on war against God and against the truth and credibility of His Torah..."

Make no mistake. Many of them wear a kippah and some are even called "Rabbi". But, they bring another Torah - one more pleasing to their own sensibilities - to replace the one we received at Har Sinai.

The only way to tell who they really are is to listen closely to what they say. Some are more obvious than others. Some stay very close to the truth and only deviate in ways which can easily confuse unlearned people. But, once they have convinced you to follow them down their deviant path, the longer you go, the further from the truth you are until you are completely corrupted.

"...With them we face an uncompromising battle to the finish, [a war for hearts and minds] and the Gra emphasized this in his call to holy war against them. When he says that whoever does not actively fight the erev rav becomes their partner and is better off never having been born, he means to warn against the distorted tolerance and groundless love which are the main impediments in this war."  (Source)

See also "The Loyalty Phenomenon" Indeed.

17 February 2017


21 Shevat 5777
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Shabbat shalom!

If you don't know what I am referring to, see these previous posts...

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