19 January 2015


19 January 2015
28 Tevet 5775

Today, the whole world understands the concept of "holy war" via the jihad that Muslims are waging against the West. Like many things the goyim do (however, in a distorted way), it was copied from us. Avraham Avinu waged the first holy war when he smashed all of the idols in his father's shop.  He went to holy war when Lot was kidnapped and Avraham went after him, rescuing him along with many other innocent people.

What was the war against Amalek, Midyan, the seven nations of Canaan and the ancient Philistines if not "jihad" or holy war? What was the struggle against the Greeks and the Hellenists if not a holy war?

Today, our holy war is a battle for hearts and minds. We wage it with information and education against the Big Lies of this world and its dominant (Western) culture. We wage it against the Erev Rav by encouraging other Jews to learn how to recognize them and to separate from them.

In 2005, I opened a (now defunct) blog called "Jewish Jihad". It was my way of fighting the Erev Rav. In 2008, I re-posted highlights from it on this blog. Since they are as relevant today as ever, I'm making them available through this archive for those who would like to review. 

Here are the selected re-postings...

JEWISH JIHAD ( 9 Aug 2005)