17 August 2015

Binyamin: "From Sedom Until Jerusalem"

2 Elul 5775


Facilitated Communication with Binyamin 
Jerusalem, 20 Menachem Av 5775

From Sedom Until Jerusalem

I want to say to you all that the world now - we're really seeing the lie, how it goes out more and more and more and more. And what I will tell you now, maybe it's not so new for you all, because all the messages until today already 'laid the foundation' for understanding, for knowledge about what is happening in the world. I will explain it now a bit more clearly and afterwards we will explain about how to get through it, because it won't be easy.

It's clear to all of us that a group of giant evildoers have taken control of most of the world. The upper part, the 'sharp tip' of the pyramid is the Catholic Church with the priests called the Jesuits. The Jesuits are the ones who always were, those who served as the police or the 'army' of the Catholic Church. They're the ones who murdered Jews in a horrible way, and not just Jews, they murdered very many people. And until today they're finding skeletons of little children, women and all kinds of bodies within their churches, in basements underneath. And even like today, in places like the United States, a number of the Iniquisition - it's a thing that still exists! And they're still murdering people! In most instances they're doing it just with people that no one cares about, so that it doesn't make noise. And they're doing it in a cruel way, really like they used to. They have all kinds of ways of doing it.

After these people who are standing at the top of the pyramid - come the bankers, they are the richest in the world. And they're also twisted like the priests, and among them there are also Jews, to our great sorrow, and of course they're Erev Rav, there's no doubt. And after the group of bankers come all kinds of politicians, and prime ministers, etc, etc, who also have a very great role in the process of taking over the world via their organizations. And also there are all kinds of littler people who are helping them in all kinds of things. That's the general structure in short.

How do they operate? They go into various places, countries, they buy politicians, bring to them all the desires that they could dream of, and after they're doing it and sinning very much, with money as well as with other things like holiness, then they're already their slaves! And they receive from them a lot of money for all the help that they gave them in the goal to take over every single country, but they're slaves! Because woe to us if everyone knew to what deep level they have reached...

And in every place that they go, how are they overthrowing everything? They simply enter inside. They play from one side for instance like they are 'against', for example, there are politicians who are playing as if they are 'against Obama' and there are politicians who are 'for Obama', but that's not to say that they both don't belong to the Jesuits, the greatest evildoers... And aside from this, they're taking a lot of young priests and teaching them how to be Protestants, all types of Protestants, until they are exactly like real Protestants, even in how they write, etc. And sometimes they have to go down to the deepest level and to be like they are Jews... They're preparing them 'to play it' as if they are Jews! And after this, after they learn everything, how to behave, and what to do, and they're really specialists, then they send them to various communities, and direct them to enter within the communities! To marry with daughters of the communities! And move up into the leadership of the community and destroy them from within! And this is the way they do it. They know how to destroy, how to cause a spiritual decline in every single group. They know the systems how to work and to play one-against-another. They also learn psychology, and how to 'spin' each and every one. They have a lot of knowledge how to destroy something built. Something built that is going good - they come to destroy. Again - they're getting an education, guidance, they're teaching them that if someone wants really to 'be saved' and 'go to Heaven', then he needs to know to murder, to kill. And these are the people they are sending. And there are testimonies about it from quite a few people who in the past belonged to the Jesuits and left them. Indeed this is a great danger, because they have no problem to murder! So everyone needs to plan his escape very well, but I'm just explaining to you who we're dealing with. It's not simple. It's very scary. And this is how they take over the whole world. And they've taken control over most of the money in the world, over most of the wealth in the world, they've taken control over most of the governments of the world, and if you think not - then you are mistaken. And now, shortly they will begin, and they're already beginning to move in the direction that they want. That's very clear. If someone only hears what the new pope is saying, and he's not the 'Supreme Pope', because the 'Black Pope' - he's The Supreme and only whoever hears, listens well to what the pope says, and knows - he understands clearly that here is an enemy of HKB"H.

And yes, they want to come to Eretz Yisrael, to rule over the land, and to bring the Christians, actually the 'so-called Christians' because they are more ovdei avodah zarah, they want to bring them to Eretz Yisrael, to rule here, and to bring their new religion. And they are planning, Hashem protect us so that it won't be, they want to build on Mount Moriah, not the Temple, but a house of filth. They made some agreement with the Arabs that they, the Christians, will get Mount Zion, and the Arabs - Mount Moriah, a joke they made on the Arabs! They want it all! And they want to build there a house of filth to avodah zarah, I don't know exactly what they're making there, but it's something of the greatest impurity that can possibly be. And especially there they want to make it, because they are at war with HKB"H.

And that's what the tzadikim said, that the last war will be a spiritual war. And that's not to say that there won't be bombs, and won't be wars. Many people are of the opinion that since important Jews, great Jews said that it will mainly be a spiritual-war, then they think to themselves: 'Oh, there won't be bombs - so it will be easier, it won't be so terrible...' No! There will be bombs! And most of the world will be destroyed from this war! But the truth remains - and they will disappear. They are the greatest evildoers, and because of their wickedness - most of the world will be destroyed. The safest place is here, but it won't be simple. Again I say to you: there will be foreign soldiers here, and there already are. Maybe they won't reach here, I don't know, but they will want to put more here. And we already have Americans here.

And there is now a new thing, that they want to bring in Christians en masse into the army, to the IDF. And that 's the exact system that they're using in the US and in every place. They will put Christians in the army here, and then who will be in danger? All the Mizrachim who are fighting, who are in the army, and all the Jews, even the seculars who are the 'heroes', the 'patriots', who are going and fighting, who can't tolerate a lie, they will be in danger, like in America. There in the United States, American soldiers who won't be ready to kill other Americans, so [they'll use] Russian soldiers which there are a few hundred thousand in America, or even the Chinese which there are also many of them, that they are currently located and settled in camps that once belonged to the American army, so the foreign forces already will 'break up' with these American soldiers who aren't ready to cooperate.

And exactly this way is what they want to do here. They've already taken over. They've taken over the court, they've taken over the Knesset, they've taken over the police, and now they're taking over the army! Do you think it's a joke, that it's not serious?... Are you of the opinion that you are living in Eretz Yisrael... in the State of Israel like it was fifty or sixty years ago... but they were also here already then, but not so conspicuously. They didn't dare, as in those years, they didn't have the strength, but now it's something different, something else entirely.

And in the US - the same thing. They took control over the US. There are a lot of Americans who already know this, and there is even a governor of Texas who is going against them, but most people are busy with their dream, getting up... going to work... they don't see and they don't comprehend, because they're doing it 'from within', they're going inside in a way that most people don't pay attention and don't feel it, taking over little by little. And they don't even understand that he's already a dictator. Dictator - the black man. They've done all kinds of exercises, and now he doesn't need Congress at all!

Everything has become crooked. We are really in a situation of very great danger. And now, what do they want to do? They want to turn everyone to one religion! The Pope wants to go on the 23rd of September, which comes out on Yom Kippur, to speak before the American Congress. And what is he about to say there? Who knows, but it will show us and the whole world their direction. Afterwards he's going on the 25th of September, two days after Yom Kippur, to speak before the UN! There never was a thing like this, that the popes, may their names and memories be blotted out, will go to speak before the UN!... And what does he want to say at the UN? Apparently - "mazal tov!", they're starting the 'New World Order'. And he will give the instructions to a billion and a half Catholics to do what he says.

He - his eyes and the eyes of this whole gang of his are on taking over the whole world. And now, go tell it to people - they will get a 'shock' when they will just hear it. But there are enough people, and it's even the majority, that they don't understand at all the concept: 'World-Order'. What does it matter to them?... So what?... That everyone will be part of one religion! They're fools, they think that it's 'love'... and it's a 'good' thing, and it's 'terrific'... and 'better to be together'...

And in addition to this, there is about to be the most difficult economic collapse, and it all goes together, together with the takeover. They're waiting exactly for the moment at which they want to take control and then it's exactly the time for them to bring down the economy, because the economy was already capable of falling for very many months now, but they're strengthening it until the moment at which they want to take control. Because when the people are worrying about eating, etc, etc - they don't have time to be occupied with the big changes that are about to be. So I've created for you more or less a picture of the situation. But I didn't add for you that they have concentration-camps in the US that can hold 50 million people! And there are various types of tools there... that I don't want at all to speak about it. And they even have there swings and etc as if it's 'a nice place for children'... But when they will begin to activate it - they will go and will take, mainly they are going to take those whites, the middle class, and will break them up. They will send them - the husband to another place, and the wife to another place, and the children to other places, and after this I don't know what they will do to them. But they are doing terrible things to the soldiers who returned, who fought on behalf of the US - they're not giving them medical care, and allowing them to suffer and die, not allowing them treatment. This is above and beyond cruel.

But the American people who grew up on Coca-Cola and hamburgers - they don't have sense anymore. They are thick-headed with all the food, and the ice cream, and the chocolates, etc., they are completely blocked. They have only a few from the gentiles who understand, and even less Jews who understand. But this is a spiritual-war, and this war is against HKB"H. They aren't smart all these people. And they're also not the first generation. It's already generations that they've been planning this thing, only that now they are already feeling the success that is already in their hands. But they won't succeed, won't succeed. Because they're idiots. They think that the Satan is the supreme power, and that HKB"H, chas v'shalom, it's possible to fight with Him, chas v'shalom. But they are complete idiots. And what makes them idiots? Because they are twisted people who want all the twisted things, all the desires that there are in the world. And also they love money, and control, and to be 'the gedolim'. With the Jesuits, the Pope that's standing at their head, he's called "The Superior General of the Society of J*sus" and according to what they say - he's on the same level as oto ha'ish, shelo neida! You should understand how they are also taking Christianity and twisting it and making a big distortion to it.

But like Daniel also already wrote - we don't have, we don't have a way to fight against them by hands, in weapons, in acts, in acts of violence. We have no way at all. We're Am Yisrael, a small people, a small people who can't stand before these hordes in war, even like the Maccabim did. The single thing that we can do - it's to cling to HKB"H. To cling to Him, and put a wall, even if it's a wall that doesn't exist in reality, but it's a wall that exists for us in heart and in mind, a partition that separates between us and the larger world, and to pray. Our single power - it's prayer. To pray and to pray and to pray.

There are people, and I understand them, that it's very hard for them to pray a lot, because so many things are happening, and we don't have, we almost don't have rabbis, and we almost don't have gedolei hador, and we don't have anyone to run to, to give us direction. The situation seems so difficult, so horrible, so scary and overwhelming, that I know that if only we will speak with HKB"H, or like the Prophet Yoel said, whoever will cry out and request help, Hashem will save him, so it will also be enough, but we need to all the time. And to try, to try to be good Jews in every way. And even if we're not complete exactly with every single precise detail in Judaism, but we're trying, that all the time we're trying, that we're concerned one with the other, that we're crying, and we're pleading for all Am Yisrael, and also for our families within Am Yisrael. This is what will save us. Only this is what will save us. That we will cry, that there will be a lot of tears, that we will cry and will plead, that we will plead and we will cry. And so - this is the power. And then Hashem won't hide His face so to speak, He will go to war with the evildoers, and in one second He'll finish them. He will send Melech HaMashiach - and in one second it'll be finished. They won't have any possibility to fight against HKB"H.

They don't have any power. If HKB"H decides to finish them - there won't remain a memory from them. This is their stupidity. Because the desires - it's what dictates their lives, it completely confuses them. They're evildoers, they have enormous sins against Am Yisrael, and even like against the whole world, all humanity. And this will be the end. The end will be that all the Jews who were attached to HKB"H, and didn't leave Him, who know that He is the Almighty, that they will continue - it doesn't matter what the evildoers are trying to do.

So there's simply nothing for which to fight, just to be close to Hashem. This is the war: a spiritual war. To fight via prayer and via returning in teshuvah. We need to repent, every Jew - chareidi or not, seculars or chareidim or it doesn't matter who, every Jew, all of the Jews have to repent, to go internally, to check what's not right, and then we will receive our righteous Mashiach, Hashem will kill and will destroy, will slaughter the yetzer hara, and wipe out all his students.

[Q and A to follow, iy"H. Also, please see the original for many sources and references]