11 May 2017

"Ephraimites"?? It's Mass Delusion!!

16 Iyyar 5777
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Day 31 of the Omer

Reposting in preparation for an in-depth investigation into this "phenomenon", iy"H, next week.

(Originally posted) 3 Elul 5776

They are just Chr*stians by another name. And they still expect the Jews to bow to Yeshu when he "returns" as "King" in the end. It wouldn't matter what they thought except that wicked Jews are working hard to bring them to Israel to live amongst the Jews as "brothers". And they have had some success with this plan as Tommy Waller's cult group HaYovel has been established in Har Brachah with the blessing of the community's rabbi and even with a worship tent for their idolatry to boot!

With things getting worse in America, Israel is looking more and more inviting as a place of refuge for fleeing Chr*stians who think they have a God-given birthright to the Holy Land by virtue of promises made in the New Testament!

Here are some pertinent quotes from reports given by self-identified "Ephraimites" who attended last year's Bnei Yosef Congress. With the first two quotes, we can see how they are working the legal and economic end of being able to bring in non-Jews into the country. It is clear that these Jews who are trying to help them are ignoring every halachah with regard to settling idolaters on the land. And the rest just prove that despite trying to act like Hebrews, Israelites, Ephraimites, whatever! They are still Chr*stians - heart, mind and soul.


"...guest speakers covered the gamut of working community models, integration of foreigners into the Israeli paradigm, and Legal considerations."

"With regards to what the lawyer shared, I found it very interesting that as long as an Israeli would give the tax guarantee it was not so very hard to establish a business here.......and also that land values continue to increase."


"The King will be coming home. I want to have my house and my heart in order when He gets here."  [Notice the capitalization.]

"What an amazing thing! And how amazing to live most of your life getting to know Messiah as one who forgives your sins and cares intimately and personally for you--only to discover that he's not just going to take you to heaven you when you die, but that he's made you part of a plan on THIS EARTH--he's made you part of the people of Israel who will return to and inherit the Promised Land! It seems almost too good to be true."

"I've had the chance to share my experiences with several of friends and coworkers, and they are now asking for more information about Hebrew Roots and Judah and Ephraim. The revolution is spreading. Am Israel Chai!"

"...as we minimize our doctrinal differences (even those we know have very pagan origins) we are better able to maximize Torah." [Say what?]

"It will be glorious on that day when again we will be restored as One Nation under Elohim, with our banner being Yeshua."

"Before I departed for Israel, I had developed the idea that I was a delegate from my home town, to represent Ephraimite believers in the Pacific Northwest– but as it turns out, I had it all backwards. I was called to go to the Congress to acquire a vision of the restoration of our nation, so that I could be a delegate from the Land of Israel to the Pacific Northwest, to share the vision of restoration and reconciliation with my Ephraimite brothers and sisters in my own (temporary) home town."

"When I was with those fellow believers, I ceased to be of European descent. I ceased to be an American. I ceased to be of my own gentile family. Instead, I was a Hebrew, an Israelite; specifically, I was an Ephraimite, and I was surrounded by my own people, my own family, and those of my own nation.

"...just as it was The Father Who revealed The Son to me, it is The Father Who will reveal The Son to my brother Judah." [Again, note the capitalization making this dead person equal to the Creator of the World, God forbid!]

"Our Loving Abba is calling us into an ever-deepening relationship with Himself each day through His Empowerment, His Living Torah, our precious, Loving Kinsman Redeemer, Yahoshuah! Hallelujah! What a Saviour!"

"...he had a glimpse of the beauty of Yeshua reflected in His people, as they all came together like a spectrum with different characters and giftings, but all with humility and grace, reflecting the glory of Yahwey....this is the unity that we have not yet experienced in the body of Messiah, but that we are on the threshold of seeing and being a part of this type of unity as we cross over into our Inheritance, both spiritually where we are, and as we make our way back to the land physically."

"...it is our identity as Ephraim that is the foundation of our relationship with Yeshua and the Torah (and with the Jewish brothers). As we learn humbly and come alongside Judah we need a renewal of the mind; shaking off our misplaced identity as Gentiles and realizing that we are a remnant who are returning with songs unto Zion, (re)grafted into the Olive tree of Israel, one new man in Messiah."

"The way of Holiness gets narrower as we are called into a deeper walk before Yahwey through Yeshua our great high priest, and so we begin to understand more our role as priests and kings in a holy nation serving our holy Elohim. We are called to be bold in our identity, that of being of the house of Joseph returning to our ancient paths,...As we seek reunification with our brethren in the house of Judah."

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