17 May 2017

The Waller-War and Why It Matters - Part 4

22 Iyyar 5777
Day 37 of the Omer

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From an Ephraimite website called Geulah Restorahnation...
This website is for those who are not Jewish and thus, at the present time, cannot meet the requirements to make aliyah to the Land of Israel to live. More specifically, it’s for those who believe they're from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, also known as Ephraimites or Josephs, who love the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, His Torah, His people Judah and the Land of the Covenant. This would include those who may not identify with Ephraim; but, rather identify as a stranger ["Ger"] such as Ruth, the Moabite who left her homeland to be with Naomi and worship Elohim.
The main purpose of this website, at this time, is to be a focal meeting place of contact for those who want to participate in the EPHRAIMITE LETTER CAMPAIGN. Letters from individuals, congregational and ministry leaders may submit a letter expressing their desire to move to the Land or their support of such. Your letter will be translated into Hebrew and then submitted to Aryeh De’eri, Israeli Minister of Interior.

...Initially, the Ephraimite Reconciliation Committee will focus on obtaining permission to establish a test Ephraimite type community in Israel. 
I suggest that this is a perfect description of the HaYovel Compound in Har Brachah
...The second step, if permission is granted, will be to start negotiations on how this will happen at the direction and within the parameters given by Israeli authorities. At this point, this website will have a private membership section for those working on the project.
They've got a lot of Jews working on their behalf. Take "Dr. Rivka-Lambert Adler" for example. Despite admitting that she's a virtual newcomer to the subject, nevertheless she is ready to be a self-appointed liaison between her fellow Jews and these Ephraimites, to "amplify the movement", in her own words. (New Covenant Israel Radio: 2730 years...and Counting)

Talk about not understanding the bigger picture! (See this video - The New Christians - made in 2008.)

She has already begun promoting the Commonwealth of Israel (Ephraim and Judah together) Conference in Jerusalem next week in this JPost article...


Descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes reconcile with their siblings in Jerusalem.

...as well as on her Facebook page...

Geulah Restorahnation continued here:
...You’re waiting for your exile to end. Your DNA has awakened and you know who you are. You are Ephraim. You are Joseph. You are Israel. Your spirit is no longer under the curse of the prophesies of Hosea wherein G-d’s people wouldn’t know who they were nor from whence they came (Hosea 1:9-10, 2:23). However, your spirit and flesh longs for the release to be able to return to the Land of the Covenant.
...Yet, you know it’s not just about the physical seed; but, it’s also about the spirit and soul of the whosoevers who desire to come into covenant with the G-d of Israel — the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
In other words, this encompasses all Christians - just like always.
...Your heart’s desire is to be called out of Babylon — out of Assyria — out of Egypt — out of EXILE — out of dispersion for the INGATHERING of ISRAEL. You desire to love and live with your brother Judah. You want to return with humbleness like the prodigal son did before his father and brother.
What you may not know is that by the Ruach of Elohim, YHWH has put it in the heart of Bruce Brill, a brother from the House of Judah, to help you write a letter of petition to gain permission to RETURN to the LAND of ISRAEL!
Your letter will be translated into Hebrew by Bruce Brill who will personally deliver it to the Minister of Interior of Israel.
Are you beginning to get an inkling of why this is so important? The Christian outpost established by HaYovel on Har Brachah could easily stand as a test case!! If it succeeds, the door could swing wide to allow unfettered Christian aliyah.

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